Judging will be by the following panel over the period 15 September to 1 October 2023


These judges will individually use the prescribed scoring system shown below and send their marks to the Steward.  The Steward will combine the scores to determine the winners.

Guidelines for Judging

  • Should there be any doubt about which category to place an entry in then the Senior Steward has the final decision.
  • Each item may be judged in only one class.
  • The judges should exclude from the competition any items which they deem to be unfit due to technical or artistic faults.
  • Any stand used to support the item will be deemed to be part of the item and judged along with the item.
  • All entries received will be judged using the following criteria – each criterion being scored out of 10 points:
  1. First impressions – visual impact.
  2. Design, innovation, ingenuity, originality.
  3. Form, proportion, balance and use of material.
  4. Creation techniques and skill level.
  5. Suitability and quality of finish.
  • The judges will score each piece individually and points allocated will be aggregated to give a final points score.
  • The scores recorded by the judges shall be available to entrants for the items they have entered in the competition.
  • A first, second and third prize, and “Highly Commended” certificates may be awarded in each category.

  • In the event that insufficient entries are received for a specific category OR the judge(s) deem the standard is not high enough, the judge(s) reserve the right not to award prizes.
  • The items gaining the highest score in each category shall be reconsidered by the judges for the “Supreme Exhibit” award.  In the event that more than one item has an equal highest score then the judges will re-evaluate the scores to declare one item “Supreme Exhibit”.  
  • The judge’s decision is FINAL.