Plain Bowls/Platters

Sponsored by: North Shore Woodturners Guild

Wooden items made to a bowl or platter shape. No detailing, decoration, colouring, texturing or embellishment.

Embellished Bowls/Platters

Sponsored by: The Masters

Wooden items which have been made into a bowl or platter shape which have been decorated, coloured, textured, embellished or otherwise enhanced.

Hollow Forms/Vases

Sponsored by: Woodcut Tools

Hollow forms must have been made from a single piece of wood and hollowed through a hole which is significantly smaller than the diameter of the finished work. Vases must be higher than they are wide and have been hollowed. Hollow forms and vases must be predominantly wood but may be decorated with other materials.


Sponsored by: Timberly Woodturning

Any wooden item the maker believes to be utilitarian in a domestic situation. This item may incorporate other materials that are integral to the function of the piece.


Sponsored by: Carbatec

Any wooden item with a lid that fits into or over the body of the work to enclose a usable space within.


Sponsored by:

A piece of furniture made predominantly from wood which combines design, comfort, appropriate strength/structure and functionality.


Sponsored by: Carbatec

Any item made principally from one or many pieces of wood which may be embellished with other materials. This item may be decorated, coloured, textured or otherwise enhanced. For example, the work may be a carving; a carved, textured, or painted item of woodwork; or a piece of marquetry, intarsia, or scroll saw work.


Sponsored by: Carbatec, Joiners Magazine

A three-dimensional representative or abstract form of art work made principally from wood which may be embellished with other materials.

Wall Art

Sponsored by: Valley Print

An item made principally from wood which may be embellished with other materials. The item must be designed to be secured on a wall as a decorative item.  This work may be a carving, scroll saw work, marquetry, intarsia or any other form of woodwork.


Sponsored by: South Auckland Woodturners Guild

Any single piece of wood which retains a part of the natural surface of the wood as it was found.