Welcome to The Art of Wood Exhibition

This is an online Woodworking Competition open to all New Zealand Residents. 

Welcome to the initial login page where we gather your personal information and provide the portal for you to enter your competition items.  Your personal details will be seen only by the exhibition managers and used for our contact with you.

The first step is that you need to Register - after 1 August see the panel to the left.  After completing your registration information you will have to wait until your registration has been approved - this will be confirmed in an email.  You may then logout and login as many times as you wish, or need, to add new entries or edit earlier information.

Entries will be accepted between 1 August and 15 September 2024

Your entries will be individually "Accepted" by the exhibition managers after they are happy that details are correct and your entry fee for the entry have been paid.  After "Acceptance" you will not be able to further edit the "Accepted" entry.  If you need to edit at this stage you can email <exhibition@naw.org.nz> to get the "Acceptance" removed.

You, and the exhibition managers, are the only people who can see your entries at this stage.  From 15 September until 1 October 2024  the judges will also be able to see your entries.  After 1 October 2024, when judging is complete, winners will be announced and all the World will be able to see your entries.

The entries will be available for sale from 1 October until 31 December 2024.

Then the photos will remain as a gallery, and visible to the World, on www.naw.org.nz